a12c Mitch Harris Professional Baseball Player and Naval Reserve Officer

Mitch Harris

Mitch's desire to impact others is evident through his work within the community but also assisting children and veteran charities. Mitch hopes that you too will be encouraged to make a difference.

Know Mitch

The Sailor


Upon receiving a nomination to attend the U. S. Naval Academy, Mitch would report to Annapolis in June of 2004 for Plebe Summer. This is where the journey all began. Waking up every morning to the sound of towel rods being thrown down the tile hall ...

The Pitcher



A native of Florida who grew up in Georgia, Harris moved to North Carolina after 7th grade where he would go on to attend South Point High School. After graduation, Harris went on to attend the United States Naval Academy. After serving in the Navy, ...


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Why MitchHarris40?

I have always enjoyed helping others and making peoples day, as I’m sure many of you have. That emotion the other person gets is always so fun to see and feel. With so much negativity and depression these days, I want to make sure people are ...

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Harris Optimistic After Latest Test

Cardinals pitcher Mitch Harris knows finding a group of reporters around his Roger Dean Stadium locker after a long absence from the mound is never a good sign. "You never want to have the struggle of not being on the field," the ...

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