789c Mitch Harris: Read Mitch's Story from Sailer to Major League Pitcher

About Mitch

The Sailor


Upon receiving a nomination to attend the U. S. Naval Academy, Mitch would report to Annapolis in June of 2004 for Plebe Summer. This is where the journey all began. Waking up every morning to the sound of towel rods being thrown down the tile hall to detailers yelling “wake up!” was his first experience of what the military had in store. The plebes would form up out on the practice football field for morning physical training. This included push-ups, sit-ups, other calisthenics, as well as lengthy runs up to 10 miles. He would lose 20 lbs over the course of that summer and into the beginning of the school year.

Mitch graduated with a degree in General Engineering and was commissioned as an Ensign. Throughout his time at the Naval Academy, Mitch developed into the man he is today. He fully encompassed the meaning of honor, courage, commitment and what it meant to serve. Upon graduation he would be ordered to be the Weapons Officer onboard the USS Ponce (LPD 15) stationed in Norfolk, VA. He would spend twenty-six months onboard USS Ponce which included two deployments to the Persian Gulf. In 2010, Harris transferred to become the Training Officer onboard USS Carr (FFG 52) also stationed in Norfolk. While onboard Carr, Mitch went on one deployment that comprised of a diplomatic deployment to Russia and the other portion they were sent to South America to conduct drug operations. Mitch finished his active duty service in Little Creek, VA at Maritime Civil Affairs and Security ...

The Pitcher



A native of Florida who grew up in Georgia, Harris moved to North Carolina after 7th grade where he would go on to attend South Point High School. After graduation, Harris went on to attend the United States Naval Academy. After serving in the Navy, Harris became the first Naval Academy graduate to appear in the major leagues since 1921, and just the second to ever do so. He made his MLB debut on April 25, 2015 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Harris was not a prospect out of high school nor was he getting letters from top tier Division I colleges. Playing third and pitching occasionally throughout high school, it wasn’t until college when Harris would blossom into the pitcher he became.

When the defensive coordinator for the U. S. Naval Academy football team came to South Point to recruit for football, he stopped by the baseball field to meet with the baseball coach, who was also the assistant football coach at the time. While he was there at the field he happened to notice Harris throwing a bullpen and began to ask where he would be attending school. Harris had only received interest from small Division I colleges and a few Junior Colleges in the area. The Navy Defensive Coordinator called the Naval Academy to inform them of the unclaimed pitcher. A few weeks later Harris received a phone call from the baseball coaches which would lead to a visit to the U. S. Naval Academy that fall. Upon review of his grades as well as many other precursors to an acceptance into the Naval ...