Why MitchHarris40?

I have always enjoyed helping others and making peoples day, as I’m sure many of you have. That emotion the other person gets is always so fun to see and feel. With so much negativity and depression these days, I want to make sure people are being lifted up, felt appreciated, and loved.

Before I started down the path of developing a website, I had to ask myself why. What was the purpose? What was the end goal? I knew that I could get involved with charities to give back but I wanted to do more. I did my research and decided on the following charities (as you can see on the Make A Difference page): Give Kids the World, Hope For The Warriors, and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I want to challenge, encourage, and motivate others to not only make a difference in giving back but also in themselves. I want people to read my story, see what I have been through, and be inspired to know that no matter the situation, they too can achieve their dreams.

Three young trees stood at the top of a hill. All wanting to be the tallest on the hill and the strongest to withstand the winds. As the years went by the three trees grew taller and stronger than all the other trees and stood proudly for all to see at the top of the hill. One day the trees noticed men cutting down trees on the other hills and making their way towards their hill. They were all worried that their many years of stretching their branches to the sky and their roots through the ground were coming to an abrupt ending.

The day came when the men cut down the three trees. They were so devastated and disappointed. They were thrown on an old truck and taken to the lumber yard. Cut into different types of lumber at different lengths and shapes, the three trees knew they’d never be the same tall trees that stood on that hill.

Years later the three trees were grabbed from the yard. After many months of banging, nailing, and gluing the trees together, they realized they were once again together forever. One was a tall strong mast to hold the mighty sails, one a rudder to ensure the right direction, and one a keel to make sure the entire boat was to stay strong and intact.

You never know how you might be used. Stay positive and know that you were designed just right.

Through the blogs, I want to help challenge, encourage, and motivate you through laughs, tears, and excitement. I want people to realize there’s more to it than just baseball. That life is more important than your Earned Run Average (ERA) or Batting Average (BA) or any other thing that people might define you by.

I look forward to hearing from you via email at info@mitchharris40.com to know what topics or questions you might have.